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The lesson I learned at that moment and the help I got.

Eek! Eek! Eek! The dryer spun round and round, squeaking with every turn. It grew louder and louder with every pass. As the dryer came to a stop, I headed for the garage for some tools. The dryer has squeaked for the last time I thought to myself as reached for my screw gun. Quickly I pulled the dryer out from the wall and began pulling up videos on squeaking dryer repair. My wife gave me a reassuring smile as I removed the first screw.

Now, this is where I should tell you that I am not an incompetent repair person. I often do quick fixes around the house and work in the garage when I can. All that being said… the title of this article remains.

Thanks to watching a few YouTube videos I quickly dismantled my dryer, revealing the dryer belt was stretched thin and needed to be replaced. Off to the store to grab supplies I remained confident in my ability to repair the dryer.

Fast forward 4 hours. I managed to completely replace the dryer belt. With a push of the button, the dryer powered on and the squeak was gone! Success! All that was left was to put the sides and top back on. That’s when it happened. I reached for the control panel to screw in back in place. Instead, I was greeted by an electrical shock. Taken aback I realized I had forgotten to unplug the dryer. 110v had just coursed through my body.

Correcting the problem, I finished working my way to closing the rest of the dryer up. Plugging it back in I pressed the start button.

Nothing happened. Not even a sound. A blown circuit replacement later, Chris (our new repair guy) had replaced the circuit and repaired my dryer.

So here is the lesson: Sometimes it’s best to hire a professional. It’s worth the price to avoid a headache.

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