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Many people have affectionately dubbed my husband the “Google Master” and while I won’t claim that my skills are at master level, I can maneuver my way around Google like a mouse hunting for cheese. Today, I want to give you 6 quick tips and tricks so you can Google like a master.

We know we could keep these to ourselves (well, not really; just ask Google, they’re all already there), but we want you as clients and business owners, to navigate Google like a pro, too! You see, we’re all about empowering you – that’s a big part of why we love WordPress, but that’s a blogpost for another day. Google has coded so many amazing capabilities into its search bar and we don’t want you to be left out! So, let’s get started:

Quotation Marks


You want to use these when you need your search words to stay together. Use them to search for exact words or groups of words. We often find them useful when searching for song lyrics or quotes. “Modern Graphic Design”



You want to place a – before a word you want to exclude. Maybe you’re searching for social media news and want to exclude anything relating to Twitter. Simply social media news -Twitter

At (@)


Using the @ symbol is a pretty nifty tool! With so many social media handles around, it makes it easy to find someone specific.



When you use this search term, you can actually search within a specific website. This is probably one of my favorites. So often, I know what I need and I know what website it’s on, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack if I actually go to their homepage to look for it. This cool one lets you site:youneedanewwebsite.com

Two Periods

two periods

Ok, the geek in me gets a little excited each time I use this one. Use can use it to search for a rage of dates, prices, measurements, etc. So let say you wanted to know about website designer that have been around for a few years, just web designers 2005..2016



Use this awesome one to find sites related to a specific site. Let’s say you wanted to find sites similar to Facebook you just have to related:facebook.com

So, the next item you’re tempted to call up someone and ask them to Google something for you, remember, Google is not a mystery, it’s a tool. Just like the first time you picked up a hammer you may have smashed your fingers a few times, you might “miss the mark” when you first start you Google Master journey. But, don’t be dismayed – learn! The tips we gave you above will help! You can even download the graphic we made of you and hang it up next to your computer screen so you have a quick reference guide when you do a search. Don’t let Google get the best of you – get the best from it!

Google Master cropped

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