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Sometimes, as business owners, we find ourselves waiting for our “Cinderella Moment.” We’re wishing and hoping our fairy godmother will come and wave her wand to give us all the financing, tools, and even the people, to grow our business the way we’ve always dreamed. There’s only one problem — Cinderella’s dream-come-true from her fairy godmother didn’t last. At the stroke of midnight, Poof! it was all gone. The Greatest Business Book Ever teaches us an amazing principal: Everything good takes time. Now, that’s a proverbial and modernized way to look at this passage of scripture from Mark 4:28, “The earth produces the crops on its own. First a leaf blade pushes through, then the heads of wheat are formed, and finally the grain ripens.”

You see, even the soil knows it takes time to grow something good. When you plant a seed, you can’t expect it to sprout up to full maturity over night. It takes tending – watering, sunlight, soil, nutrients. It’s the same way with our business. Instead of wishing for your fairy godmother to come and grant all your wishes over night, take the time to plant, tend, and toil over your business. We know there are days where it seems like too much. Like you’ve been toiling and waiting, toiling and waiting . . . But, there is hope! If you’ve planted the seeds of your business in good ground, continue to tend them faithfully, toil, water, and then toil some more, you’ll have to see a harvest!

Here are a couple of things we’ve learned to do when we enter the “Cinderella Moment.”

Plant another seed.

This looks different for each business. It might be calling that client you just. don’t. want. to. It might be finishing up a project you’ve been putting off. It may be as simple as updating your social media accounts or scheduling them out through Sprout Social (more about Sprout Social in a later blog post). You have decide what a seed is for you.

Get a reality check.

Talk to somebody you trust. Remember that blog post a while back about those who help ground you? Find your grounding board and let them help bring you back to earth. Let them remind you what happened to Cinderella after the clock struck midnight. We’re not going for fast and easy here. We’re going for slow and steady with a firm foundation

Look to a mentor.

Instead of looking at your mentor in the “we could never each that” way, look to them for inspiration. Look to their story as a spring board. Let it be like your launching pad. Get their books. Listen to their video. Watch their Facebook Live. Enroll in their classes. When you look to your mentor during one of these Cinderella Moments, it does 2 things for you:

  1. It reminds you others have gone before you, paved a way, AND have been successful
  2. It reminds you to dream


Around here, we have a funny phrase: Dream Killer. Like in almost any good partnership, one of us is the dreamer and one of us is the realist. Sometimes when a dreamer comes to the realist, dreams get killed. We’re not writing this for all inquiring minds to have their dreams killed. We writing this so all inquiring minds can be reminded that dreams take work. Frankly, we don’t want you to get your “Cinderella Moment.” We know your ideas and dreams and business are too important. We don’t want to see them die at midnight because your wishes were handed to you with the twirl of a magic wand. We want you to know the sweat of your brow. We want you to feel the gratification of a long day of toil. We want you to stand in amazement when you see what your hands have brought forth after months, years, decades, of work. So when you yearn, yearn for fulfillment. Yearn for the great things you know are to come because you stuck to it no matter what. Ditch Cinderella. Embrace time.

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