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Have you struggled trying to setup a Facebook page for your business/brand? Not sure where to start? Maybe you got started, but got stuck on one question or another. If you are considering starting a Facebook page or started but never finished, then this is the article for you. Here you will discover how to set up a Facebook page for your business/brand and starting growing your business. And even if you already have a page, you may have missed some steps. So follow along and let’s get growing.

Getting Started

To get started, you should already have an idea the kind of page you want to create but if you don’t, don’t worry we will help walk you through it. Your launching pad for creating a page starts here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

Choose a Category

First things first, you are going to need to select a main category for your page. The category you choose unlocks special features and magic powers for your page. Okay, maybe not magical powers, but wouldn’t that be really cool? I digress.

Not sure which one to pick? It’s okay. Facebook gives a breakdown for each of the special features on Facebook’s Help Center, but we’ve also listed them below.

Currently, Facebook offers 6 page types. You can list your business in the following categories:

1.Local Business or Place

Choose this if you have brick and mortar store/business where customers/clients come to visit you (they can also check-in, but we will cover that later). Browse the list of sub-categories and choose the option that best matches your business. If you can’t find one that adequately describes what you do, select “Local Business.”

2. Company, Organization, or Institution

Choose this if you don’t have customers visiting your physical location on a day-to-day, or if your business has multiple locations. Don’t worry if you do have people come to your location and want them to be able to “check in”, you can set that up later.

3. Brand or Product

Selling a product or hoping to? Or selling through multiple retailers? Then this is for you. Be sure to select an appropriate sub-category (and we’d recommend selecting ‘General’. This is your chance to grow your business. Don’t be general. Be Specific.)

4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure

Let’s rock & roll! Too much? Okay. Choose this option if you are either promoting yourself or another specific person or group, such as a band or a political figure.

5. Entertainment

Is you business in the “entertainment” industry? This is going to include things like book stores, concert venues, magazines, radio stations, or TV shows.

6. Cause or Community

No sub-categories here. So before you select this category, be sure to look over all the other options. Many of the other categories contain sub-categories that might be a better fit. For instance if you are a church or education program, Local Business > Education might work better.

Important Tip:

You can always change your page’s category later. As much as you want, whenever you want. But a word of caution: if you change your page from the Local Business or Place category, you lose all your reviews, map, and check-ins.

Complete Relevant Information
1.Local Business or Place

Business or Place Name, Street Address, City/State, Zip Code, Phone

2. Company, Organization, or Institution

Choose a sub-category, Company Name

3. Brand or Product

Choose a sub-category, Brand or Product Name

4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure

Choose a sub-category, Name

5. Entertainment

Choose a sub-category, Name

6. Cause or Community

Cause or Community Name

Setting Up Your Page
1. About

This is where you need to let people know what your page is about… don’t worry you can always change it later. You are also going to want to put the url to your website below the about section.

2. Profile Picture

If you are a local business, a company, or brand, or a cause we recommend you put your logo here. If you are one of the other categories, we recommend a good face photo. It needs to be 180 pixels by 180 pixel to appease Facebook and all of its people.

3. Add to Favorites

Yes of course add your page to your favorites. You made the page, right? Be proud! Favorite your page.

4. Page Audience

Here you want to filter down to your target audience. Where they live, how old they are, their gender, and their interests. Don’t worry, this isn’t permanent, you can always adjust the page later.

WooHoo! You have a shell of a Facebook Page! You did it! Do a victory dance! Call your neighbors! Wait… not yet, you want to make it look good before you have anyone over.

From the Top – Down
1.Cover Photo

Facebook requires a cover photo to be 851 pixels x 315 pixels. You want to be sure upload a photo that speaks to your messaging and branding. But for a quick win, we recommend you visit canva.com. You can create a stunning image for free and super quick. Wait? What am I doing? You should hire me to design your Facebook Header. But really. You should. We can create all of your branding from your logo to your Facebook header. *hint *hint

2. Facebook Profile Photo

You should have already uploaded one, but in case you didn’t now is the time.

3. Call to Action

This is relatively new to Facebook. Click the button to open the menu. You’ve got options like “Contact Us”, “Book Now”, “Call Now”, etc. Pick the best option for your brand. Don’t worry, you can always change it later.

4. About Tab

Be sure to complete this information as best as possible. You won’t be able to setup a Facebook Web Address just yet… you need 25 fans to do so. You can come back to that. Later. In about 15 minutes. After you invite all your friends and family.

5. Photos Tab

Now is a good time to upload a couple of select photos.


Click the settings tab for a lot more customization on how you and others interact with your page. For now we recommend changing the “Similar Page Suggestions”.

First post

Here is a great opportunity to post a video or text welcoming people to your page! That way when people like your page, its the first thing they see!

Alright! You are all set! Now let’s start inviting everyone over. Whose bringing the potato salad?
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