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Grow your business God’s way. Confess these scripture inspired words every day.

Father, I have committed my works, my plans, my business to you. Your word says you will cause my career, my businesses, and my plans to succeed. That everything I put my hand to would prosper in Jesus name. My eyes are open to receive your vision in my life and business. My mind is alert to receive creative ideas and inventions. My hands are skilled in performing the work that will bring me success. I hear my Father’s voice and the voice of a stranger I will not follow. I have the grace to handle the challenges, the trials of life and business. I will not fear or be afraid. I can do all things through your power that strengthens me and according to that power, I provide for myself and my own household. My light is shining before all men, they see my good works, my godly lifestyle, my prosperous lifestyle, and glorify you, my heavenly Father. Thank you, Father, for a prosperous business, I have a good name, no weapon formed against my business will ever prosper. My supplies and my labor are in great demand. I get more than enough contracts! Deals every day. People are looking for me to do work for them. I will be a blessing to them who call upon me, they will be blessed also. Thank you for an increase in every area.

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