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Web Maintenance Packages

Take the hassle out of managing your website with guaranteed updates, maintenance and world-class support.

Included With All Our Plans

The Best Maintenance and Support for your Website

Let’s face it. Your probably are too busy growing your company to deal with regular maintenance, updates, and fixes. Let us take the load off you.

WordPress is one of the largest and best content management systems available today. That’s why we use it so much for our clients! But as with all great things, there are those that wish to destroy it. There are millions of attacks on WordPress sites EVERY DAY. That’s why you need to keep up-to-date with the latest patches, upgrades, etc. The cost of repairing your site after its been hacked is much higher than paying for regular maintenance, backups, bug fixes, and all around good help. Not keep your site current is an open door to problems.

24/7 Security

Protect your site against REAL-TIME attacks, viruses, malware, and hackers

Website security is important. That’s why we use the best security plugin for WordPress to keep you safe!

WordPress Updates

Scheduled updates and
security releases

We’ll never let you fall behind, keeping your WordPress updated gives you the best security and performance.


Website Edits

We’ll take care of your website so you can take care of business

Easy to use ticketing system and our team of website professionals will ensure your updates and website edits are completed on time.

Plugin Maintenance

Weekly plugin reviews,
vulnerability checks, and updates

Never worry about plugins again. We review compatibility, check for vulnerabilities, perform updates and review to ensure compatibility.

Theme Updates

Protect your site and
keep your theme up-to-date

As WordPress grows, updates, and changes; so much our themes. That’s why you need to keep up with the latest versions. Depending on your theme, we can manage custom themes as well.

Daily Cloud Backups

Full website & database backups performed daily

There is nothing worse than having your site down for days after a problem. If something goes wrong we’ve got you covered with a quick restore backup.

Monthly Reporting

Stay informed of the updates and security performed on your site

Get a complete list of the updates and services performed on your WordPress website in your email inbox, every month.

Database Optimization

Don’t let your database slow you down

Getting lots of traffic to your website is great, until it’s not. Monthly database optimization will ensure your site continues to load snappy.