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Learn why you need to stop using your personal Facebook account to build your business/brand.

If you want to conduct business on Facebook and you are still using your personal profile, you need to read the below 5 things to consider. 

But, before we dive in, let me break down the differences between a personal profile and a business page:

 Personal Profile  Business Page
Who can create it? Anyone over the age of 13. Anyone who already has a Facebook profile.
How do you use it? Share things about you, what you like to do, things that interest you, photos, videos, etc. Connect with fans and/or customers by sharing relevant content.
What about privacy? You can control the privacy settings. Share content with only those you want to see it. Pages are 100% public. Unless country or age restrictions are in-place.
Friends/Fan Limits Maximum of 5,000 friends No limit
Advertising No Ads Can advertise to anyone on Facebook
Search Engines Not indexed or crawled by search engines Indexed and crawled by search engines

So, now that you understand the difference between the two types, lets dive in to why you need do start a business page instead of using your personal profile for business.

It violates Facebook’s policies

Okay. This is kind of a big one (and a legal one). Using your profile for commercial or promotional purposes is a direct violation of Facebook’s policies. And while it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, it is grounds for Facebook to delete your account. Just because Facebook offers its products for free, doesn’t mean you can violate the policies without consequence. Facebook still requires that you have a personal profile in order to have a business page, so you still need your personal profile. Don’t be the guy that reads this article and deletes their profile. 

What NOT to do

Don’t use your personal profile to promote your business.

What TO do instead

Start using your personal profile to connect with friends, family, co-workers, etc. Be kind to your friends and keep them as friends. Use your business page to share tid-bits of your life, product, behind the scenes, etc. Just because it’s a business page doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Bonus Tip

Maybe if you moved your content over to your business page and spent less time on your personal profile, you’d see better results. Just saying.

It’s annoying

Look. I get it. It’s easy to post about the things you have for sale and tag all of your friends and family so they see it. But that’s the equivalent of spam and it can create a negative impression of your brand/product. And that’s the LAST thing you want. While we’re at it, stop sharing your business pages content to your personal profile, too! You know those annoying people in department stores who constantly follow you around to ask you if you need anything… yeah… you just became that person when you started posting about your business all the time or sharing posts to your personal profile from your business page. And nobody likes that person. 

What NOT to do

Stop holding your friends and family hostage with your posts. Stop tagging people on your personal profile to force them to see what you have to say.

What TO do instead

Starting using your business page to create interesting content and posts that make people WANT to engage with you. Remember, content is king. If you aren’t seeing your posts get good engagement, then you need change it up. And don’t be afraid to use a couple of your market dollars to get your messaging out there.

Your friends aren’t buying your products

I hate to break it to you (I’m going to anyway), but your friends probably aren’t going to make you a million dollars. That’s because, with a few exceptions, friends and family aren’t your primary financial supporters. Sure, they will cheer you on initially (and we totally appreciate it) and they may even buy your product when you first get going (we appreciate that even more), but will they continue to shop with you as repeat customers? Probably not.

What NOT to do

Stop panhandling your product/services to your friends/family. You aren’t a beggar, so stop acting like it.

What TO do instead

Start creating a following on your business page, an email list, etc. Use your business page, website, and email list to target those people who are truly interested in your product/service. 

You are building a business NOT hosting a kegger

Check your motives. Are you looking to build a business or are you looking for people to like you? If you want people to like you or you are looking for some type of affirmation from people on Facebook, then you aren’t interested in building a business; you are co-dependent. You need to develop your business and generate NEW and re-occurring customers. You can’t do that with friends (not for the long-haul). In fact, Facebook limits you to 5,000 friends. Do you only expect to have 5,000 customers? Can you really build a solid regular income from 5,000 people (assuming they all buy from you)? It’s highly unlikely. 

What NOT to do

Stop looking for people to like you.

What TO do instead

Start connecting with people who want to help you grow your brand.

You can’t use insights

Facebook Insights let you get a sneak peek into your followers’ lives so you can understand how to better serve them. Discover other pages they like, what time they are on-line, how they interact with your content, and more. Or, in more technical terms, their geography, demographics, and psychographics. You won’t find that on your personal profile. You can’t leverage all the tools that Facebook is providing if you are hiding behind your personal profile.

What NOT to do

Stop ignoring your insights.

What TO do instead

Start discovering more about the people you are marketing to.

So, don’t wait! Go create a business Facebook page right now. We can even show you how. And feel free to share this article with the one friend who keeps tagging you in posts about their latest product. You aren’t being mean, you’re helping them grow their business AND save you some peace of mind. It’s win, win. And to all my friends on Facebook: I love you. Don’t get offended if you are the offender of the things I mentioned above. Learn from it and start making those millions. You can do it! And you don’t have to spam all of us to get there either. Use the tools and you’ll be just fine.

Still need help? Check out this video.

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